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Public Relations Consulting

Before Meeting the Public Consider Public Relations Consulting

If you are a business, do business or engage with the public in any way, then it may be worth considering public relations services. Public relations consulting can do more than help your organization, business, or campaign succeed, and it can also prevent any public relations nightmares that are always amplified because - well this is the public.

Even companies that primarily or solely work in the arena of cyberspace still have a brand, a reputation, and an audience to consider. In fact, internet companies may even have a greater need for public relations services, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Jo Explains It All - JEA Communications, we offer public relations consulting for every type of business, for every kind of business, to help them connect, engage, and win their audiences no matter who they are and regardless of where they are.

Do you need help or have questions regarding the public image of your business or organization? Would you like to enhance or improve your brand or your relationship with your customers? For more information about making your company, brand, or organization look amazing, contact JEA Communications and let us help you find your best public face.

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Public Relations Consultancy

The Bond of Public Relations and A Good Communications Plan

When people think of public relations consultancy or an agency, they might think about many different aspects of PR, such as branding, image, and audience considerations. What is commonly overlooked, however, is the time, attention, and detail owed to the communications plan. Show us a good PR campaign and we will show you a great plan of reaching, talking to, and communicating with their audience and customers.

The bond between good public relations and a good communications plan is the secret ingredient to success. Good public relations consultancy should begin and end with good communication - and that doesn't always mean words or sound. Like speaking to any person or group of people, understanding the language, the audience demographics, and other variables creates strong and effective channels for communication. These are a few of the attributes of a good communications plan, and success is its bond to every good PR campaign.

Are you expanding as a business? Are you seeking to reach a new audience or bring clarity to your brand and brand message? Great content is what builds great brands, and good PR and good communication go hand in hand, and it is that and so much more our clients find at JEA Communications.

Improve your image, excite your audience, entice your customers, or do anything else you want with the right public relations consultants, the kind that builds on great content and a great communications plan. From media to the internet, to brick and mortar, let the experts at Jo Explains It All - JEA Communications help you create powerful PR messages for any forum and any audience, and for your business and brand. The bond of public relations and a good communications plan is indispensable, for companies and their customers, and for any successful public relations efforts too.

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Strategic Communications Planning

Plan for Success with Smart Strategic Communications Planning

New companies find a need for it, older companies find a need for it, companies who are struggling find it useful, and successful companies need it as well, smart and effective strategic communications planning. As an independent public relations practitioner, JEA Communications has had the benefit of working in various sectors, with many groups, and throughout an array of platforms and mediums. That means that they know how to get the message delivered.

Great content is great and it is something every successful PR campaign should have, but getting it delivered is no less important. There is nothing worse than a great message that doesn't get heard, nothing worse for a marketing or public relations campaign that is. That is also a part of the goal of every good independent public relations practitioner, not only to create a great campaign but to implement and deliver it as well.

With strategic communications planning and the expert team at Jo Explains It All - JEA Communications, they help companies create great content and great messages, and plans for success. Then they use their expertise, insights, and experience to deliver content in a way that is effective, engaging, and that speaks to its audience. Every company needs to communicate, new and old, struggling, and successful. And with a great public relations campaign, companies can speak in a way that gets heard, and that gets the message delivered.

If you have a great idea, great message, or if you are looking for help developing that content and message, then let the experts at JEA Communications, LLC help. From working with media outlets and platforms to the cyber world and even through traditional mediums, get the message right and get it delivered the right way with the JEA Communication's team.

Working Together

Public Relations

Public Relations is "Intelligence Having Fun"

Albert Einstein said, "creativity is intelligence having fun!" That is also part of the essence of who we are and what we do, and what public relations are all about. Sometimes the barrier between a company and its audience isn't about a dull image or bad reputation, and more often than not it is about being able to connect and reach that audience. That is the role of a good public relations firm, and it is at the heart of effective public relations.

Any plan that includes some public relations aspect should include avenues to reach, engage, and connect with the audience. It doesn't matter if it is a marketing campaign, a new product roll-out, or even the opening of a new business, these are all opportunities to unleash the power of effective PR, and these are reasons to contact a public relations firm that can help. Successful brands and businesses use creative strategies to present themselves and their products and services as alluring. How attractive is your business?

From creative strategies to develop, convey, and promote your brand to smart implementation strategies for your business, our team at Jo Explains It All - JEA Communications, LLC, can help with every step. Let our team make your business and brand look good, and look smart too. If creativity is intelligence having fun, then we just might be the playground your company needs.

PR Agency

Anything But A Typical PR Agency and Everything You Want Too

There are generally very specific reasons why a brand, company, or person might want or need the help of a media relations consultant or a PR Agency. One fact, however, remains the same regardless of the reasons why public relations and image are being addressed. That constant is difference, it may be called standing out, style, branding, or a million other things, but the goal is to differentiate. In a world of homogenization, especially in the business arena, anything but the typical can make all the difference.

At Jo Explains It All - JEA Communications, our clients discover a different kind of PR Agency, and that is exactly what they want and need. From great content creation to public relations strategy, we offer a difference that gets noticed. If it help with your media image, then let our media relations consultant begin working on creating the image you want. Is it a lack of information or relevancy that is your Achilles heel? Our team of expert content creators can make an impact, tell your audience who you are, and help you stand apart with relevant and engaging content.

For a brand, a name, a reputation, an image, and a business that gets noticed and stands out from the crowd, try a different kind of PR agency, one that stands alone. Are you looking to change your company image? Does your brand need to be developed or do you want to engage more with media channels? From creating a brand image to helping companies implement strategic plans like how to use media channels and platforms to promote their brand and company, our team can help. Contact our team at JEA Communications and let our expertise, experience, and difference make a difference for you.

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